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Éist is thrilled to have been part of the organizing team behind the Food Matters track at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this June. Check back for pictures from the events, coming soon!


This year, we are excited to support and join the work of Kreung Cambodia. Kreung Cambodia, created by chef Chinchakriya Un, is a Brooklyn-based pop-up that uses traditional foods to cultivate community and foster dialogue about intergenerational trauma and healing within families and the broader Cambodian diaspora. Chef Chinchakriya will be co-leading the preparation of a community dinner with her mother. We invite you to sign up for sessions cooking and learning with them in the participatory kitchen.

View the complete AMC schedule here.

About Kreung Cambodia:

According to Char, “Kreung’s purpose is multi-faceted and runs deep. While its primary purpose is to collect the funds to source a tractor for my family in Cambodia, what’s been revealed along the way, is that it’s also a way to connect and address inter-generational trauma caused by the Khmer Rouge.
IMG_4930“When I prepare this kind of food, it’s a natural conduit into to having real dialogue with my parents about the atrocities they’ve endured; the comfort and familiarity of the smells and flavors seems to lessen the pain, and the conversation flows.

“At the pop-ups we host, the meals we serve – I’ve discovered that the authenticity of the food sparks conversation not only with my parents, but also among displaced Cambodians within my generation and in my broader community.

The shared vulnerability and discourse is empowering, and it allows me to feel like through this fortifying tool, I’m able to affect real healing, and gather a deeper understanding of my heritage and of myself.”