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We are excited to be part of a collaborative team producing the first-ever Food Matters track at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this June! Registration is now open. Stay tuned for the announcement of our lineup.

This year, we are excited to support and join the work of Kreung Cambodia. Kreung Cambodia, created by chef Chinchakriya Un, is a Brooklyn-based pop-up that uses traditional foods to cultivate community and foster dialogue about intergenerational trauma and healing within families and the broader Cambodian diaspora. Chef Chinchakriya will be co-leading the preparation of a community dinner with her mother. We invite you to sign up for sessions cooking and learning with them in the participatory kitchen.

About the Food Matters track:

Food is a medium through which we tell our own stories, the stories of our communities, and connect across time and space. Now more than ever, many communities are reclaiming traditional food as an essential strategy for decolonizing and sustaining our cultures, bodies, lands and water. But who is in charge of the stories about our food? How can we take charge of those stories, encouraging food makers to see themselves as media makers and encouraging media makers to engage more directly with the people who actually make food? The Food Matters Track will explore the social, cultural, economic and ecological dimensions of food practices. Through hands-on workshops, field trips, roundtable discussions, media-making, cooking, and sharing recipes and meals, we will explore our personal and collective food stories and use media-based practices to examine food and its many connections to resistance and liberation.