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Our project develops the use of visionary fiction as a tool to build peace and spark creative engagement with the future in post-conflict communities. Through a series of restorative narrative writing workshops and a public reading event, participants will use fantasy as a way to envision the future and imagine new paths to creating just futures. Our storytelling laboratories will create space for those who have been marginalized to take control of the narrative of progress in their communities.


Rewriting the Future applies the lessons of visionary science fiction writer Octavia Butler’s work to the context of Belfast, Northern Ireland—a place that is currently facing a governmental impasse and where civil society continues to struggle with how to adequately deal with the legacy of the political conflict known as “the Troubles.” As we approach the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, the looming impact of Brexit threatens to destabilize the region and interfere with the integrity of the peace deal.



Benefits and Future Opportunities

  • Free admission for all participants
  • Opportunity to be linked with writing coaches who will assist in the development of participants' future stories
  • Belfast sessions the 1st of many throughout Ireland
  • Future anthology of Irish post-conflict visionary fiction featuring stories conceived & nurtured as a result of our workshops
  • Goal of developing & disseminating a visionary fiction toolkit for use in organizing creative writing workshops in post-conflict communities around the world

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